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Udaipur has already become the first choice for global investors and demand for property has increased, due to which the prices are also significantly increasing.

UIT converted plot in Udaipur

Real estate in the city of lakes "Udaipur". As observed, most of the suburb areas in Udaipur have seen good price appreciation over the past years. Real estate projects in the suburbs like Balicha, South Extention, Dhinkli, Amberi, Nathdwara-Rajsamand Road, Lai, Naya Kheda, Savina, Titardi and Jogi Talab Nela have appreviated the highest price.

Premium Locations of Udaipur

Please check the below-mentioned location for the premium UIT Converted Plot in Udaipur City. If you are willing to buy a budget plot in a good area, you can look for UIT Converted Plots in Udaipur in the following-mentioned localities.

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Difference between 90B approved and UIT Converted Plots

90B and 90A are sections of the Rajasthan Land Revenue Act, 1956 (Rajasthan Land Revenue Act, 1956), which are or were related to land alteration. In 2012, the amended section 90A was implemented by repealing 90B. Earlier section 90A was used only for land conversion in rural areas but the present section 90A is applicable to both rural and urban areas.

In 1999, the Rajasthan Land Revenue Act, 1956 was done to legalize illegal land conversion, but it was misused a lot. After which the High Court on the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) of Jago Janata Society, in 2011, quashed the said section as illegal. The then Rajasthan government added a new section 90A in 2012 in place of the repealed section 90B for residential, commercial and other land use conversion of agricultural land, which was part of the process of making land conversion transparent and simple.

What is section 90A of the Rajasthan Land Revenue Act, 1956?

In section 90 of the Rajasthan Land Revenue Act, 1956, provisions have been made regarding the use of agricultural land as follows:- "90-A.—Use of agricultural land for non-agricultural purpose-

(1) No person who is a land holder for agricultural purposes or is a transferee of the said land or any part thereof shall not use the said land or any part thereof for the construction of a building or any part thereof for the construction of a building. But no person, who is a landholder for agricultural purposes, shall engage in building construction or other similar purposes subject to those conditions and rules, without the written permission of the State Government and otherwise than in the prescribed manner.

(2) Any person who wishes to use such land or any part thereof for any purpose other than agriculture shall, in the prescribed manner and apply for the requisite permission to the prescribed officer or authority and the particulars prescribed in each such application will happen.

(3)- The State Government shall, after making or causing to be made a proper inquiry in the prescribed manner, either refuse the permission of the application or grant it subject to the prescribed terms and conditions.

(4) When any such land or part thereof is allowed to be used for any purpose other than agriculture, the person to whom such permission is granted shall be liable to pay to the State Government in respect thereof.

(a). The urban assessment to be levied at such rate and in such manner as may be prescribed by the State Government in rules to be made in this behalf, or
(b) such sum by way of premium as may be prescribed by the State Government, or
(c). Both.

(5) If any such land is so used-

(a) - without first obtaining the prior written permission of the State Government, or
(b)—otherwise than the terms and conditions of such permission, or
(c)—after the refusal of such permission under sub-section (3), or
(d)—without making any payment referred to in sub-section (4), the person originally holding the land for the purpose of agriculture as well as all subsequent transferees, if any, shall be deemed to be a trespasser or a trespasser. shall, as the case may be, and shall be liable to eviction from such land in accordance with section 91 as if he or he had occupied or continued to occupy such land without lawful right and for every such proceeding The provisions of section 212 of the Rajasthan Tenancy Act, 1955 (Rajasthan Act 3 of 1955) shall apply as if such land was in danger or was being destroyed, damaged or alienated:

Provided that the State Government may, in lieu of such eviction of such person and subsequent transferees from the disputed land, allow him or them, as the case may be, to retain such land and use it for any other purpose other than that. can do for of agriculture, other than urban valuation, on payment to the State Government and the premium payable under sub-section (4) may be determined as fine."

What is 90B property?

In the past, when the agricultural land dedicated for conversion in section 90B was not allowed to be converted by the urban body, then that land became vested in the urban body, the said land itself was considered as 90B property. This was not recovered by the farmer. But under 90A, a provision has been made for the recovery of land if the farmer does not get permission for the land dedicated for land conversion.

According to the above sections, the Rajasthan Housing and Urban Development Department has amended its Acts for urban bodies.

If a property is 90B approved, it may have issues related to availability of basic facilities i.e Normally Basic Facilities is not available on that type of schemes. However, one can apply for a loan on he property. While a UIT converted property is equipped with all facilities and serves an ideal choice for homebuyers.

If a investor or customer can buy UIT converted plot in Udaipur, Then he/she will be able to get numerous benefits in return. First of all, it will ensure that his plot will be connected to all public utility services, such as water supply, electricity, and drainage system.

Property in Udaipur is still cheaper as compare to big cities

Buying house or land is still in budget in Udaipur than any other famous city of Rajasthan. You can even call us to get best prices on property in Udaipur.

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