Most popular areas to rent offices in Udaipur

Over the years, Udaipur has strongly established its position as an attractive education, medical and business hub in the southern Rajasthan which is really commendable. Many business owners who belongs to nearby locations also prefer to base their operations in Udaipur due to affordable rents for offices, warehouses and other commercial properties.

If your company wants to expand operations or establish a presence in southern Rajasthan, we can suggest you best areas to rent offices in Udaipur. Searching the right location for your office can help you save time and energy of your employees, while the availability of parking space, restaurants and supermarkets can add to their convenience.

commercial property for rent in udaipur


Our list of top areas to rent an office in Udaipur is is a good place to start your search. Find out which of Udaipur’s districts offer excellent amenities for regional and international companies.


Madhuban known for being the most popular area to rent an office in Udaipur. Located at mid of the city, the area is famous for its easy access and centrally location. Locality has multistory buildings that offer a wide range of commercial spaces and offices. These commercial complexes are generally well-maintained and offer all the amenities required to run a business.

Madhban is located near Chetak Circle, making it an easy commute for anyone who lives or comes to Udaipur. The area is also well-connected by public transport facilities such as city buses and cabs. Madhuban has plenty of restaurants, banks and other amenities on offer.

Madhuban has good amount of inventory of offices with public parking, fully furnished options are also available. The rent for offices in Madhuban average at INR 50k with a price-per-square-foot of INR 50 to 90 for space up-to 1000 square foot..


Shobhagpura offers a wide range of commercial spaces and offices for rent in Udaipur. Important landmarks nearby include Paras JK Hospital and Hyundai Showroom. The area is perfectly suited for showrooms and fashion outlets. You can find several high-rise commercial buildings in the area, with options for fitted and serviced office spaces.

Interested in renting an office in Shobhagpura? These office spaces average at INR 15k in rental costs — with an average price-per-square-foot of INR 120 for space up-to 100 square foot.


Another one of the top areas to rent an office in Udaipur is University Road. The area is home to several coaching centers and cafes. Apart from being close to the old city, finding public transportation in University Road is a fairly hassle-free experience.

Looking to rent an office at University Road? The monthly rentals here average at INR 15k, with a price-per-square-foot of INR 150 for space up-to 100 square foot.

Those in search of furnished offices for rent in Udaipur may also find good options at University Road.


Those in search of affordable offices to rent in Udaipur may also consider Hiran Magri. The area is perfectly suited for startups and working professionals due to easy connectivity with other areas and affordability.

You can rent an office in Hiran Magri for an average of INR 6k. The price-per-square-foot for office spaces in this area averages INR 40. Villas can also be rented in Hiran Magri, choose best option after reading about Popular areas to rent villas in Hiran Magri, Udaipur.


Last but not the least, Industrial Area is another one of the popular places to rent offices in Udaipur. A prime industrial location near city makes it ideal for businesses like factories and manufacturing plants, area is well connected to national highways. Furthermore, it is best for warehouse rentals.

If you are into manufacturing and wholesale business, Industrial Area could be a good option, as it offers affordable rents. The average price-per-square-foot for rent is INR 15 to 20 while the offices for rent in Industrial Area are available for an average monthly rent of INR 10k to 20K.



If you’re looking sutable office for your company in Udaipur or want to invest in commercial properties, our guide to commercial property in Udaipur will help you start your search for a suitable space, Here you can get a better idea of popular neighbourhoods, rents and sales prices and expected ROI for commercial properties in Udaipur.

This wraps up our list of the top areas to rent offices in Udaipur. Above mentioned areas can also be good options for furnished offices in Udaipur, depending on availability.

Stay tuned to UdaipurPropertyGroup for more updates on the Udaipur’s property market!

Popular areas to rent villas in Hiran Magri, Udaipur

Planning to rent a house in Udaipur? Hiran Magri is one of the most popular areas in the Udaipur. This area offers budget-friendly, modern houses in lush, green surroundings having all facilities nearby. Here is a list of the popular communities to rent a house in Hiran Magri.


Hiran Magri is a relatively newer development in Udaipur that offers easy access to schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, grocery stores, coaching classes, gyms, and public parks.

Popular hangout places including Govardhan Sagar Lake, Lake Pichola, Pannadhay Park and Dudh Talai lie less than a 20-minute drive away from these areas.

rent villas in hiran magri udaipur


Let’s learn about the most popular communities to rent a home in Hiran Magri, Udaipur.


As per the market trends, it is observed that Sector 14 is the most popular place to rent a house in Hiran Magri. The sub-community offers convenient access to New Sabji Mandi, Govardhan Sagar Lake, Udaipur Ahmedabad Road, South Extention and Old City.

The area has English medium schools including Oxford English school, government hospitals, clinics, public parks, supermarkets, grocery stores, playgrounds, hotels and restaurants.

If you’re interested in renting a house in this cluster, you must expect to pay around INR 13k-20K to rent a 2-bedroom house in Udaipur.


Located along Udaipur Ahmedabad Road (NH 48), Sector 11 is the second-most preferred community to rent villas in Hiran Magri. The sub-community offers all facilities such as good schools, supermarkets, gyms, public parks and banks.

Houses in sector 11 are modern designed. Thinking of renting a villa in this cluster? You can get a 2-bedroom villa for rent in Sector 11 for INR 15K to 20K per month.


Apart from the aforementioned clusters, you can consider renting a house in South Extension - the third popular sub-community of Hiran Magri, Udaipur.

South Extension udaipur is being popular and affordable residential area now a days. The area offers easy access to hospitals, fitness centres, dedicated kids’ play areas, and educational institutions including Indo American School and IIM Udaipur.

The homes in the sub-community are spacious and newly built. The starting cost of a 2-bedroom villa for rent in South Extension is around INR 8k per month.



Hiran Magri is a relatively newer development in Udaipur. This is an ideal place for those looking for a tranquil residential area in the city. If you plan to move there, factor in the pros and cons of living in Hiran Magri to make a well-informed decision.


Yes, you can purchase houses in Hiran Magri. The community has an abundance of 2-bedroom houses offering excellent amenities. This concludes our guide to the best areas to rent a house in Hiran Magri. Part of new development these areas are considered among the most popular villa communities in Udaipur.

Alternatively, you can consider these areas to rent or buy properties in Udaipur.

For more information and updates about property developments in the Udaipur, stay tuned to UdaipurPropertyGroup.

Pros and cons of living in Hiran Magri in Udaipur

Hiran Magri is one of the most sought-after residential areas in Udaipur. Offering various tourist attractions and multi-purpose facilities for residents. If you are considering moving to this popular area, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide covering all the pros and cons of living in Hiran Magri in Udaipur.


The best part about living at Hiran Magri is that you will always have something to do. There are numerous cafes and restaurants near Govardhan Sagar Lake such as Sabri, etc. The activities near the lake are also amazing. You can enjoy a romantic date at any nearby rooftop restaurant or enjoy a luxurious boat ride, or shop at luxury brands and high-fashion stores on any of 100 Feet Road.

pros and cons of living in hiran magri udaipur

Hiran Magri is also within close proximity to popular entertainment zones in Udaipur like Reliance S Mart, Vishal Mega Mart, Chetal Mall, Sukhadia Circle, and the Fateh Sagar Lake, which have great dining options and recreational activities.


Hiran Magri offers excellent amenities to residents, such as supermarkets, small independent marts, and convenience stores. You can also easily find banks, pharmacies, and well-known clinics.


If you want to live in a neighborhood that offers beautiful apartments with breathtaking views, then moving into Hiran Magri Udaipur is the best idea. There is a beautiful man-made lake surrounded name Govardhan Sagar and Nela by high-rise apartments. The reason why most of the flats for rent in Hiran Magri come with stunning mountain and lake views.

The apartment rentals here range from studios to larger 3bhk units. Many buildings have facilities like swimming pools, gyms, saunas, steam rooms, and 24-hour security. To find out which towers offer the best flats for sale, call us at +91- 9119119798.


It is also a popular pet-friendly community in Udaipur, so you can take your pet out for a walk on the pathways. However, make sure to check with the agents and landlord before moving in with your pet pooch, as some buildings or apartments may not allow pets. All of these factors combined, make Hiran Magri one of the best places for families in Udaipur.


Living in Hiran Magri means getting all the perks of living in Panchwati at a much lower price. It is easily accessible and close to all of Udaipur's popular business centers including Udaipur Krishi Upaj Mandi, Subcity Center, Lodha Complex, Mangalam Fun Square, Durga Nursery Road, and Bapu Bazaar.

The proximity to these popular business hubs makes it the perfect place for working professionals as it allows for an easy commute to work.


Another great thing about living in Hiran Magri is that it is well connected to local transport. There is a huge city bus stand located at Hiran Magri Sector 9 and the Udaipur City Railway Station is located in close proximity to this area. Hiran Magri is also well serviced by Udaipur City Bus Routes, which means you can easily find a bus for transportation to any other area of Udaipur.


It is clearly visible, this locality offers a affordable living. However, while the advantages are many, but there are a few things to consider before you decide to move in. Here are some potential disadvantages of living in Hiran Magri.


Hiran Magri has everything residents can want from a good locality. However, it is quite far from old city and the many major markets such as chetak and hathipole in Udaipur. While this might be disappointing to some residents.


Since the area is still under development, it may be difficult to have access to public transportation for the residents of Hiran Magri, However city buses are started but for now, the area is best suited for people who have their own vehicles.



Hiran Magri is a part of new extension. It lies adjacent to police line, Ahmadabad road and sevashram.


If you are looking to buy a property in Udaipur, the financial outlay would be lower than in most other Udaipur areas. Prospective tenants will also be happy to know that this is popular and more affordable compared to other neighborhoods in the city for rent in Udaipur.

That is all we have for you on the pros and cons of living in Hiran Magri, Udaipur. It is a one of the most popular locality to raise a family with properties available at reasonable rates.

Stay tuned to UdaipurPropertyGroup for more updates on the Udaipur’s property market!

Living in Shobhagpura: A vibrant area or too commercialized?

Shobhagpura is a attractive, comfortable area located near 100 feet road liked to NH 76, the area offers amenities aplenty and is close to leading business hubs such as Sukher, Bhuwana and Fatehpura. Considering a move to this popular area? Our comprehensive guide weighs the pros and cons of living in Shobhagpura for you.


Shobhagpura has a diverse range of residential properties that range from 2 BHK flats to spacious 4-bedroom villas. Other than that, the community has hospitals, shopping centers, nurseries and fine dining restaurants.

shobhagpura area udaipur

Let’s look at some of the prominent advantages of living in Shobhagpura, Udaipur.


Shobhapura has become prominent location in Udaipur. It lies close to national highway 76, Bhuwana, University Road and Sukhadia Circle. The community also offers easy access to the glitzy neighbourhoods of Udaipur, such as Polo Ground, Saheli Nagar and Navratan. Popular business hubs like Durga Nursery Road, and Ashok Nagar are nearby, whereas the beautiful historic old city is only 15 minutes away.


With various mid and high-rise buildings and apartments, Shobhagpura has plenty of options for those looking to buy or rent a property.
  • There are many 2-bedroom apartments in shobhagpura with square footage varying from 900 sq. ft. to 1200 sq. ft. Similarly, there are plenty of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom villas, ranging from 2500 sq. ft. to well over 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Most buildings in the community offer an extensive range of facilities, including a gym, swimming pool and concierge services.
  • You can find both freehold and leasehold properties in the area.


The properties in Shobhagpura are slightly expensive, but the prices are quite reasonable, given the area’s lifestyle and amenities.
  • The rent of apartments in Shobhagpura generally lies between INR 15k and INR 60k. If you want to buy flats in Shobhagpura, the price ranges between INR 45 Lakhs to INR 1 CR.
  • The starting sales price of 2bhk in Shobhagpura is INR 40 Lacs.
  • You can buy a 2-bed apartment for anywhere between INR 40 Lacs and INR 80 Lacs.
  • The 3-bed flats for sale are currently priced between INR 80 Lacs and INR 1.5 CR.
  • The rent for 2-bedroom flats in Shobhagpura ranges between INR 15k and INR 80k.
Please note: All prices mentioned above are based on the current listings on UdaipurPropertyGroup and are subject to change with time.


Pet parents looking for residential areas where they can live comfortably with their furry buddies will love shobhagpura. Most of the buildings in the area are pet-friendly, meaning you have greater choice when picking a home for yourself.
Besides that, the area has plenty of walkways and empty grounds, where you can take your dogs out for a stroll. Nearby located gardens also a good place for some paw-some playtime.


Many transportation options are available for residents of Shobhagpura, As the community is well connected to major roads.


From schools and hospitals to supermarkets and places of worship, there are plenty of amenities for you to enjoy while living in Shobhagpura.

  • Local vendors, Reliance Fresh and SabziBazaar are some of the many places where you can get your groceries.
  • There are also many hospitals and clinics in the vicinity. The most popular ones include JK Paras Hospital and Lakecity Clinic. MB Hospital is also located close to the area.


Shobhagpura offers easy access to restaurants, malls, parks, clubs and more. Shobagpura Circle is pretty popular in Udaipur, you will find number of food vans and restaurants there as they offer a fine spread of local and international cuisines. You can also enjoy a vibrant nightlife in Shobhagpura Udaipur, given the variety of bars, pubs and lounges in the area.
  • Shobhagpura has a vibrant nightlife. You can enjoy live music, drinks, happy hours, smoking and even some fantastic dance floors in the area. But since bars, pubs and nightclubs are open late into the night
  • Celebration Mall, Lakecity Mall and the RK Mall are about 10 minutes away from Shobhagpura.
  • You can also enjoy romantic sunset near fatehsagar lake, which is located just 15 minutes away, while Sukhadia Circle is a short 10-minute drive away.
  • Besides that, there are many fun things to do in Udaipur, including yoga, swimming, cricket, badminton and basketball.


Now that you are aware of the advantages of living in Shobhapura, let’s look at some of the potential downsides to it. Here are some of the disadvantages of living in Shobhagpura.


People living in Shobhapura experience traffic congestion during rush hours. However, this is only a hassle during early morning and late evening, when people are essentially commuting to and from work.


There are no shopping malls within the community, but many are located nearby. That means residents don’t really have to go too far for their shopping needs.


Sometimes, Shobhagpura can come across as a ‘highly commercialized residential area’ due to the presence of several office buildings. There are not many green areas or parks here. However, it is close to areas such as Panchwati and Saheli Nagar, which have wonderful parks and recreational facilities.


As mentioned earlier, Shobagpura has few bars and clubs. So, if you enjoy quiet time, opt for apartments further away from the nightlife spots in the area.

Reasonable rents, a vast array of amenities and vibrant life in Shobhagpura Udaipur understandably make it a preferred place to live in Udaipur. And that concludes our review of life in Shobhagpura-Udaipur.

To know more about Flats For Sale in Shobhagpura Udaipur, just call us at +91 9119119798 and our community expert will give you full support.

Guide to buying a property in Udaipur

Here are some of the things a buyer or an investor can look at before buying a property in Udaipur in order to safeguard one’s future investment. The actual homebuying process includes finding a place, securing financing, making an offer, obtaining a home inspection, and closing the deal. Let's check it out in detail.

Udaipur Property Guide

Define your criteria

The first thing you'll need to determine is what your long-term goals are. Once you've decided to buy a property in Udaipur, you will need to decide whether the property will be used for personal or investment purposes. Property buyers and investors should keep in mind how much growth is expected in that particular area in which you are looking to buy a property.

Location of the property and its surroundings

The location and surroundings of the property should be considered before buying any property. Choose property location according to your need and budget, it should be easily approachable from your office, market, hospital, schools, and other necessary things.

Do your research

Whether you're looking for a bungalow, a villa, a farmhouse, a row house, or an apartment, it's critical to understand current property prices and the factors that influence them, such as location, view, facilities, and the type of community the property is located. Do proper research about the area, price, amenities, nearby facilities, and other important things that will help you make sure that the property you are going to buy matches your defined criteria.

Find a good Real Estate agent

While buying a new property, you need someone who knows exactly what you want and can properly assist you through the process. That person should be honest, helping and supporting you in reaching out right properties for you. Udaipur Property Group prides itself on transparency and fair dealing.

Property registered with RERA

According to Indian law, the property developer, as well as the land on which the property is being built, must be registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) It was brought to action to eradicate the existing discrepancies and problems within the sector. RERA is applicable to all builders and developers. It was put in place to bring more transparency and credibility to the entire purchase process. It helps redefine the developer-buyer relationship in the real estate sector and provides an effective legal framework for real estate transactions. Every home buyer or a developer must know RERA guidelines and register their property with the agency to navigate the real estate landscape with ease.

Organize your finances

First and foremost, the finances have to be organized right manner. Buyers choose to get a bank loan for a property purchase. This is frequently favored because it simplifies the purchasing procedure, checks documentation, and streamlines the overall experience but bank loan depends on eligibility. Generally, in order to qualify for a home loan, you have to have good credit, a history of paying your bills on time, and a maximum debt-to-income ratio of 43%. Being pre-approved for a home loan not only verifies your budget but also puts you in a better buying position. So, organize your finances accordingly.

Finding your dream property

Start searching for your dream property with a real estate agent or company that you trust, and make appointments to look at several options until you discover what you are looking for. Get expert reviews about the properties and ask your agent for a one-to-one meeting with sellers your real estate agent will assist you in starting the process of completing your purchase.

Good Resale Value

Resale sale Value is an important thing to consider before you plan to invest or buy a property. A few property buyers consider resale value when they buy a house. One must focus on property resale value that will allow you to get good capital gain.

Timeline for the purchase

An average property transaction in Udaipur takes 2 – 8 weeks to complete from the date the Agreement for Sale is signed. However, a variety of factors ranging from the type of buyer, the developer, and the property type might have an impact on these dates.

Cash-to-cash transactions, for example, will be completed faster than a bank loan transaction. With that in mind, create a timetable that allows you some flexibility.

Finalizing the deal

Once you find the right property for you and want to finalize and close the deal, Ask your agent to arrange a sale agreement. The Sale Agreement is the initial stage in the process of a legal contract (MOU). It is a legally binding agreement between the buyer and seller that outlines the terms and specifics of the agreement, including each party's obligations and responsibilities. Your broker will go through this with you to confirm that you are aware of the terms and conditions.

Stamp Duty & Registration Fee

An essential factor of buying a property is Stamp Duty & Registration Fee, it is an expense or tax collected by the government just like any other tax. You must consider Stamp Duty & Registration Fee as an extra expense while planning to buy a property and spare budget for the same. Stamp Duty & Registration Fee can range between 3 to 9 percent of the total DLC (District Level Committee) value of the property. DLC value is the minimum rate at which the stamp duty and registration fee are calculated.


Udaipur Property Group's in-house sales progression team will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the selling process and make it as smooth as possible, from the developer's No Objections Certificate (NOC) through the transfer. They coordinate between you as a buyer, the seller, the developer, and the banks involved, and with all of their expertise, they are incredibly proactive and know the process inside and out. To prevent delays, your sales coordinator will ensure that all of your documentation is in order prior to commencing the process.

Deposits token amount as per Agreement of sale between Buyer & Seller (5 to 10% of the Selling Price)

Luxurious 2 Bedroom Apartment for Sale at Sector 4 - Udaipur

2 BHK Flat in Archi Peace Park Udaipur for Sale

Property Overview

Flat Size: 1542 Square Feet (Super Builtup Area)
Project Size: 7 Buildings - 216 Units - Floors - 9 - Open Area 25 %
Average Price: 4500/sq.ft
Possession Status: Ready-to-move
Configuration: 2 BHK Apartment
Status: Semi-furnished
Transaction type: Resale
Type of Ownership: Freehold
Address: Archi Peace Park, Sector 4, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Price: 70 Lacs | 4.5 K/sq.ft
The price includes maintenance, parking, deposits & excluding floor rise cost, stamp duty, registration, GST, etc.
Price Negotiable: Yes

Contact: +91- 911911 9798

About Project: Archi Peace Park in Hiran Magri  , Udaipur is a ready-to-move housing society. It offers apartments in varied budget range. There are 2BHK apartments and 3BHK villas available in this project. If you are looking for ready to move projects, Archi Peace Park is a right choice for you. Check out some of the features of Archi Peace Park housing society:

Basic Amenities: Car Parking, Club House, Fire Fighting Systems, Lift, Vaastu Compliant, Earthquake Resistant, Indoor Kids Play Area

2 bhk apartments in udaipur

Built Quality

Earthquake-resistant RCC framed structure designed as per zone 3

1 mt. x 1 mt. multi-charged vitrified tiles in living, dining, and kitchen
Wooden flooring in the master bedroom
2 X 2 ft. multi-charged vitrified tiles in bedrooms

Granite counter with quartz sink (crystal or equivalent)
Granite platform (Cat-eye / Jet black or equivalent)
Modular kitchen

Antiskid ceramic tiles for flooring
Superior quality designer wall tiles up to lintel level (Kajaria / Euro or equivalent)
Plumbing and CP fittings of universal brands will be executed by the known consultants
Designer sanitary ware will be provided
Brands: Grohe, Kolhar, Jaquar, Cera, Hindware, American standard or equivalent brands
Granite counter with ceramic wash basin in the master toilet
Bathroom window designed with exhaust fan space

All electrical wiring is concealed with PVC insulation wires and modular switches
Sufficient power outlets and light points provided
TV and telephone points are provided in living rooms and bedrooms
Adequate power backup system for common area
Intercom connection to all units
Brand: Legrand, Leon, MK, RR Kabel, Finolex or equivalent brands

Both sides are Laminated designer flush doors
Granite frame window with aluminum section (anodized)
Attractive railing in balcony, lobby, and staircase

MS grill (Bright bar) with deco paint

Exclusively designed foyer (lobby) with waiting area help desk
Designed granite staircase with attractive railing

Internal walls: Gutai (sandla)
External wall: Weather-sealed textured wall coatings
Brands: Heritage / Castle paints or equivalent

Two auto door elevators in each tower
Brands: Kone, Schindler, or equivalent

Underground and overhead storage tanks of suitable capacity
Bore well as an auxiliary for water supply

Nearby Facilities

Flower Garden, School, ATM, Worship, Water Plant, Bank, Pipe Gas, Shopping Center - Retail Shop, 24 Hours Water Supply, Kids Club, Strolling Cycling and Jogging Track, Shopping Center. It is an owner posted property which is also close to various schools and markets and is reasonably priced.
For Site visit and to know more about Flats For Sale in Udaipur, just call us at +91 9119119798 and our community expert will give you full support.

Popular areas to buy commercial property in Udaipur

Udaipur's developing business-friendly infrastructure and state trade policies have made it a national hub for trade and entrepreneurial ventures. If you’re considering setting up a business in Udaipur, you must have the knowledge of areas that offer the best portfolio of commercial properties. To help you select the right commercial property, we have shortlisted the most popular areas to buy a commercial property in Udaipur. Let's take a look.

commercial property for sale in udaipur



According to our independent market survey report, University road and 100 feet road is currently the most popular area to buy commercial property in Udaipur. The Ashok Nagar main road comes second, followed by the Subcity center, Hathipole, and chetak circle.

University road and 100 feet road claims the title of the most sought-after area in the Udaipur’s commercial property market. Located in the city center, the main road connecting Mohanlal Sukhadia University, this area has very well connectivity with all other parts of Udaipur, making it one of the most desirable places to own said real estate.

Business owners who travel frequently will find this area conveniently located, a 10-minute drive away from the Rana Pratap Nagar Railway Station and a 20-minutes drive from Udaipur Airport.

Additionally, University 100 Feet Road offers investors various commercial property types for sale, including office spaces, shops, commercial floors, food courts, and showrooms.

The average price per square foot for offices for sale in University 100 Feet Road range between INR 7000 to 25000. In terms of sales price, the average at INR 26 Lacs.


Ashok Nagar's main roads are also like University 100 Feet Road which offers business owners a wide selection of commercial spaces for sale. The area from MLSU University to Ashok Nagar is highly occupied by educational institutions and it is one of the biggest student hotspots in Udaipur.

This area is self-sufficient as it is serviced by local transport and several banks & ATMs. Ashok Nagar main road offers a varied mix of some of the best commercial properties for sale in Udaipur, including showroom spaces, shops, offices, commercial floors, and more.

At present, the average price per square foot of offices for sale at Ashok Nagar to University Road is INR 10000. The average sales price for the said properties stands at INR 35 Lakhs.


Shobhagpura 100 Feet Road is predominantly a commercial area that offers a diverse portfolio of commercial shops and offices for business. Shobhagpura 100 Feet Road can be the ideal place to invest in the commercial property market if you are looking for a good investment option.

Potential buyers can expect to pay INR 15000 per sq. ft. for the commercial space for sale in Shobhagpura 100 feet road in Udaipur. The sale price for these properties averages at 40 Lakh rupees.


If you have a business related to education, fashion merchandising, or finance, buying property at Durga Nursery road will be the best choice for you. The area is one of the largest commercial road and business hubs in Udaipur city. Durga Nursery Road is more popular for coaching institutions and business centers.

Coaching institutions looking for setup can find a range of ready-to-move-in commercial properties for sale on Udaipur's Durga Nursery Road. Offices and small air-conditioned shops are also available in the area. Currently, the average price per square foot here stands at INR 15000 per sq. ft., with an average overall cost of INR 35 Lakhs.


Another popular area for commercial property sales in Udaipur is Sukher. While this area mainly has marble factories and warehouses, buyers can also find offices and shops. Additionally, Sukher is now getting popularity because of Rajasthan's largest shopping mall  "Urban Square" which is located here only. Property experts are considering this as a good source of rental income in the future.

Sukher is one of the largest commercial areas in Udaipur. Currently, the factories and warehouses for sale in Sukher are available for an average of INR 15000 per sq. ft. and sales price of around INR 25 Lakhs.



Apart from the mentioned areas, Hiran Magri, Govardhan Villas, Fatehpura, Dewali, Navratan, and Panchwati are also popular for commercial property sales in Udaipur.


Most of the mentioned areas are also popular for commercial property rentals.


Commercial properties including offices, shops, warehouses, pre-leased service apartments, food courts, commercial plots, and more options are available to choose from.

For more details on real estate price trends in the Udaipur property market, call our experts at +91- 9119119798.

Splendid Farmhouse For Sale At Ghasiyar Udaipur

 A beautiful and luxurious ready-to-move-in 1-Bedroom Farm House of 1 Bigha land area is available for sale at Ghasiyar Udaipur. Built-in ancient stone architecture with all modern amenities including 5 lush green gardens, a swimming pool, an artificial waterfall, a guard room, and parking, this farmhouse offers a serene living with ease of accessibility. Surrounded by the lush green Aravali mountain range it is definitely the paradise in Udaipur.

With A++ construction quality, Built-in wardrobes, Modular Kitchen, Sandstone, marble, and vitrified tiles flooring. Equipped with a swimming pool beside a garden that offers a picturesque view of the lush green area. The bedroom is beautifully designed in traditional style with a modern touch with an attached bathroom and a garden-facing window offering a green view of the valley. The living room is also well furnished with an open kitchen in it and a big size balcony front and backside separate washing area.

Farmhouse,Farm House,For Sale,Ghasiyar, Barodia, Farm Land, Farm House Land, For Sale, Farm House Land For Sale, Udaipur Property, Real Estate, Invest Udaipur, Invest in Udaipur

This farmhouse showcases unmatched artisanship with modern living!

USP Of The Property:

  • 1 Bigha Brand New fully developed ready to move in Farmhouse
  • 100% clear title and SDO Converted Udaipur registry
  • Fully equipped tastefully designed room with attached let-bath
  • Large open living room with dazzling interiors
  • A++ construction quality with all modern amenities
  • Well-maintained gardens.
  • A decent-sized swimming pool besides laws.
  • Full modular open kitchen
  • Separate guard room and servant quarter
  • 24*7 power supply and ample car parking space
  • Secured area with gated entry & exits
  • This Farmhouse project is a posh locality known for its greenery and well designed open spaces


Ghasiyar is a small village in Girwa Tehsil in Udaipur district, also called 'the city of lakes' set amidst the Aravalli Ranges in the state of Rajasthan, India. Ghasiyar is one of the closest located farmhouse destinations in Udaipur mainly famous for Old Shrinath Ji Temple. The first Shrinath Ji temple was built in Nathdwara but soon the town faced an attack from the Scindia army who was threatening to ruin the temple and asked Maharana of Udaipur to solicit 3 lac gold coins as ransom to save the temple. As the Maharana heard this, he quietly made the arrangements to move the idol to a new location, Ghasiyar where a replica of the temple was already being made. This is how the Shrinath Ji temple was constructed.

Ghasiyar is known for its green and open spaces surrounded by the Aravali mountain range. Excellent location for couples, families, and retired personnel. Well connected by road and public transport.


Address- Shakun Farms, Near Old Shrinath Ji Temple, Ghasiyar, Udaipur Mount Abu Road
Area: Ghasiyar
Zip/Postal Code: 313001


Price: on request
Land Area: 1 Bigha 
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Swimming Pool: 1
Gardens & Lawn: 5
Car Parking: 1
Property Type: Farm House
Title: SDO Converted
Property Status: For Sale


✓ Air Conditioning ✓ Lawn ✓ Microwave ✓ Reading Lounge
✓ Refrigerator ✓ Swimming Pool ✓ TV Cable ✓ Washer ✓ WiFi
✓ Window Coverings ✓ Car Parking

Popular areas for picturesque lake view living in Udaipur

A home by the lake with spectacular views of the shimmering water of the lakes is something most people dream of. In Udaipur, Lakeview living is the hallmark of a luxury lifestyle. We bring you a list of beautiful Lakeview properties in Udaipur that are perfect for real estate investments in Udaipur.



Over the past few years, the property market of Udaipur has witnessed an increase in demand for lake view properties.

Lake Pichola

The first area on our list to buy waterfront property in Udaipur is the area located around lake Pichola. Nestled near City Palace and Old City, it features luxurious lake-facing properties to cater to the real estate investors of the city.

This area has all the basic facilities and amenities, including a gym, sports pitches, retail outlets, restaurants, and more, making it a prime location to invest in Udaipur.


The second area on our list to buy waterfront properties in Udaipur is Devali. The development offers a delightful mix of urban conveniences and the serenity of the Fateh Sagar Lake. Notable amenities in the development include natural gyms, children's parks, restaurants, and more. Residents can also enjoy easy access to Fateh Sagar Lake, Celebration Mall, and major landmarks of the city while living in this area.

Govardhan Villas

Govardhan Villas is set to redefine luxury waterfront properties in Udaipur. The opulent address boasts beautifully landscaped parks, gyms, showrooms, art galleries, spas, commercial outlets, multi-cuisine restaurants and cafes, supermarkets, and community centers. The apartment configurations here start from two-bedroom units and go up to swanky penthouses offering luxury living.



The sales price of the lake-facing properties in Udaipur depends upon their type and area. As per our data, the minimum average cost to buy a lake-facing apartment is INR 70 lacs, for buying 2bhk villa costs average at INR 1 CR.

Whether you’re buying a lake-facing apartment or a villa, these areas have a wide selection of lucrative options for real estate investors in the Udaipur.

For more information and updates about exciting projects and upcoming trends in real estate, stay tuned to UdaipurPropertyGroup.


यहाँ अवैध निर्माणों पर चलेगा यूआइटी का बुलडोज़र! थमाए नोटिस - मचा हडकंप

उदयपुर. नगर विकास प्रन्यास (यूआइटी) इन दिनों अवैध निर्माण को लेकर काफ़ी एक्टिव है, हाल ही में उदयपुर में चल रहे कंट्रोल कंस्ट्रक्शन जोन में अवैध निर्माणों के चलते यूआईटी नें इनकी समझाइश कर निर्माण रुकवाए एवं जो नहीं माने उनके नाम से नोटिस जारी कर दिए।


देखा गया है की शहर में पिछोला झील के किनारे नो-कंस्ट्रक्शन जोन और खातेदारी जमीनों पर लोगों ने बड़ी संख्या में पक्के निर्माण कर दिए है जो निरंतर जारी हैं। उदयपुर नगर विकास प्रन्यास ने इन इलाकों में निर्माण कर रहे तीस से ज्यादा लोगों को नोटिस थमा दिए। अवैध निर्माण को लेकर यूआईटी के पास काफ़ी शिकायतें आ रही थी जिनपर कार्यवाही करते हुए यूआईटी ने काम रुकवाया और जो नहीं माने उन्हें नोटिस थमाते हुए निर्माण अवैध होने पर ध्वस्त करने की चेतावनी दी है, यूआईटी की इस कार्यवाही से अवैध निर्मंकर्ताओं के बीच हडकंप मच गया।

गौरतलब है की फतहसागर व पिछोला झील के चारों तरफ कंट्रोल कंस्ट्रक्शन जोन है। यूआईटी ने राजस्व ग्राम सीसारमा में भी कृषि खातेदारी भूमि पर बिना रूपान्तरण एवं बिना स्वीकृति किये जा रहे अवैध निर्माणों पर कारवाही की तथा तहसील न्यायालय द्वारा नोटिस में अवैध निर्माणकर्ताओं से कहा कि उनका यह कार्य नगर सुधार अधिनियम 1959 की धारा 91-ए के तहत अवैध निर्माण व अतिक्रमण की परिभाषा में आता है।

तहसील न्यायालय ने जारी नोटिस में कहा की यदि कोई इस संबंध में कोई आपत्ति या दस्तावेज पेश करना चाहते है तो तय अवधि में जवाब दें, नोटिस के अनुसार यदि कोई न्यायलय में उपस्थित नहीं होता है तो जो भी आदेश पारित किया जाएगा यूआइटी उसके अनुसार कार्रवाई करेगी और अवैध निर्माण को न्यास की ओर से हटाने की स्थिति में उसके खर्चे की ज़िम्मेदारी भी निर्माणकर्ता की होगी।


Popular areas to rent chiller free homes in Udaipur

Due to the high inflation rate, monthly household expenses are rapidly increasing, in cities like Udaipur, you have to take extra care of electricity bills, water bills, school fees, groceries, and the list goes on. So, obviously, Udaipur residents look for different ways to save money as much as possible. Here we have an idea that can cut back on the monthly bills by staying in chiller-free homes for rent in Udaipur as the natural surroundings would keep your home cool and comfortable. Read on to know all about chiller-free homes in Udaipur and the best areas to find them.

Popular areas to rent chiller free homes in Udaipur


Are you looking for chiller-free homes for rent in Udaipur? Chiller-free homes are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom layouts. And as stated earlier, these units are popular because the surrounding natural lush green area would keep your home cool and very comfortable to live in even at 40 degrees temperature outside during summers.

  • Sarv Ritu Villas
  • Saheli Nagar
  • Fatehpura
  • Old City - Downtown Udaipur

Let’s now check out the top areas people prefer when renting chiller-free homes in Udaipur.

Sarv Ritu Villas

One of the city’s most chill residential areas, Sarv Ritu Villas is also the nearest locality to the railway station and bus stand. The word "Sarv Ritu" stands for "Every Season" which means its temperature remains the same in every season. This upscale neighborhood is equally popular among single professionals, couples and families.

Located 20 steps away from the lush green jungle-style garden named "Sajjan Niwas Udhyan aka Gulaab Bagh Garden, The area is also well-serviced by public transport links. A plethora of hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, retail outlets, and nearness to major tourist attractions are just some reasons people prefer living in Sarv Ritu Villas.

Because rental prices here are relatively higher than in the rest of Udaipur, moving to chiller-free homes for rent in Udaipur can help you cut off on living expenses.

Saheli Nagar

Saheli Nagar might be one of the most premium areas to rent chiller-free homes in Udaipur. However, it ticks all the boxes for a family home. Located near to famous Saheliyon ki Badi and Sukhadia Circle, it is the perfect place to live.

This neighborhood in Udaipur offers a wide range of residential options from spacious apartments at affordable prices to a premium penthouse in highrise buildings.

There are many shopping and entertainment destinations including Big Bazaar, Reliance Mart, and RK Mall. Saheli Nagar also has good healthcare facilities. Good schools such as St. Merry's & St. Pauls's School are located in close proximity, so parents will face no difficulty choosing the right educational institute for their children.

So, whether you are single or looking for a property for your family, You can easily find chiller-free homes for rent in Saheli Nagar.


People looking for chiller-free homes in Udaipur can also consider Fatehpura for a good reason. It is one of the most developed areas with a posh locality. Located next to Sukhadia Circle, it has become a major residential hub with affordable properties.

It has excellent lifestyle amenities, with the Celebration Mall located nearby. Plus, the area has some reputable schools, hospitals, and fitness centers. All of these factors combine to make it an appealing community, especially for families.

Old City - Downtown Udaipur

The final entry on our list of most popular areas with chiller free homes in Udaipur is the historical Old City is another area where you can look for chiller-free homes for rent in Udaipur. Having every charm to be the dream home, the old city is also home to the official residence of the Royal Rajputana Family, The descendants of Great Ruler of Mewar Region Maharana Pratap.

The neighborhood is known for its affordable properties and major tourist attractions including the City Palace, Lake Pichola, Swaroop Sagar Lake, and more. Plus, the area has some reputable nurseries and schools. Being a family-friendly neighborhood, you can find all amenities expected from modern residential development.



Having a chiller, and an air-conditioner is a must in your home to beat Rajasthan's summer heat. Some areas in Udaipur are located amidst nature and greenery which makes these localities chiller-free, which means you do not require any cooling device to keep your house cool. The tenants need not bear the extra cost of air-conditioning in these areas, you just pay for the electricity units consumed for other purposes.


Read our posts regularly to be aware of your duties, responsibilities, and rights when renting a property in Udaipur. You can also read about Popular buildings to rent apartments in Navratan, Udaipur to decide which option better suits you if you are looking for flats for rent in Udaipur. If you’re planning to buy a new house in Udaipur soon? Check out Popular localities to find villas for sale in Udaipur.

Stay tuned to Udaipur property group for more articles on renting and buying properties in Udaipur.


Popular buildings to rent apartments in Navratan, Udaipur

While Navratan may be a newly developed community in Udaipur, it is still a popular choice with homebuyers and tenants. As per Udaipur property trends, the most popular building to rent apartments in Navratan is Unique Towers. Other buildings such as Metrix Parks, Celebration Residency, and Navratan Complex are also in demand among those looking to rent apartments in Navratan Udaipur.

Here we bring you the popular buildings to rent apartments in Navratan Udaipur. Read on for average prices, amenities, and all the other essential information.

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Let’s take an in-depth look at all the buildings in Navratan Udaipur that are popular with apartment tenants.


Located in Navratan, Unique Towers draws potential tenants searching for apartments in Navratan Udaipur. It is one of the most preferred by families and lies close to Celebration Mall, a highly popular shopping destination in the city.

This building is located at close proximity to hospitals, schools, and popular supermarkets in Udaipur. Offering excellent connectivity to National Highway 76. When it comes to the apartments, the flats in Navratan Udaipur come with well-appointed rooms and dedicated parking spaces.

The average price for renting 1 BHK in Navratan Udaipur is INR 6000, whereas, for 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Navratan Udaipur, you must pay an average rent of INR 12000 to 15000 per month. For those looking for 3 bedroom flats in Navratan Udaipur, the rent is around INR 25000 per month. Overall, the cost of apartments for rent in Navratan Udaipur averages at INR 18000 per month.


Celebration Residency grabs the second position among the most popular buildings with flats for rent in Navratan Udaipur. Celebration Residency is located near Sukher Navaratan 100 Feet road. The average price for apartments in Celebration Residency is INR 10000 per month. 

Residents living in the flats for rent in Celebration Residency benefit from amenities such as supermarkets, a pharmacy, and restaurants located within a 1 km of radius.


A set of two residential buildings, Eden Court earns the third spot amongst the most popular buildings with flats for rent in Udaipur. Located on Sukher Navratan 100 Feet road, this residential project has 1, 2, and 3-bedroom layouts. These flats in Navratan Udaipur benefit from CCTV cameras in the building and round-the-clock security.

The area surrounding the building complex is equipped with supermarkets, pharmacies, affordable restaurants, and retail outlets.

The rent of apartments in Eden Court costs INR 17000 on average. If you are having family and looking for 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, the average rent would be around INR 22k to INR 27k per month



You can rent apartments in Unique Towers, Celebration Residency, Eden Court, Jambudweep Tower, and Rose Apartment in Navratan Udaipur.


As per our data, the minimum average rent for apartments in Navratan Udaipur is INR 15000 for 2-bedroom apartments.

क्यों अधिकांश होमबॉयर्स के लिए बिना रियल एस्टेट एजेंट के घर खरीदना एक बुरा अनुभव हो सकता है..!

बतौर घर खरीदार आप ऐसा सोच सकते हैं कि बिना किसी एजेंट की सहायता के ऑनलाइन घर ढूंढना काफी आसान है, और आप आसानी से ऑनलाइन किसी वेबसाइट की मदद से मकान ख़ोज सकते है, लेकिन ऑनलाइन दिखने वाली सब चीज़ें फायदे वाली हो ये ज़रूरी नहीं, ख़ासकर जब बात एक बड़े इन्वेस्टमेंट की हो तो आपको एक विशेषज्ञ की सहायता लेनी चाहिए। एक अच्छा प्रॉपर्टी एजेंट आपके सपनो का घर खोजने में आपका नेतृत्व करेगा, और जल्दी से उपलब्ध घरों में से यह जानने में मदद करेगा कि कौन घर आपके लिए फायदे का सौदा रहेगा।


घर ख़रीदने की प्रक्रिया अधिक समय लेने वाली हो सकती है

चूँकि घर ख़रीदने के लिए आपको बहुत खोजबीन की आवश्यकता होती है, यह कम बहुत समय खर्च करवाने वाला हो सकता है, यदि अप समय की बचत कर अपने सपनो का घर आसानी से खोजना चाहते हैं तो आपको किसी प्रॉपर्टी डीलर या एजेंट की सहायता अवश्य लेनी चाहिए।

व्यक्तिगत खरीदार के लिए बाजार को समझना मुश्किल हो सकता है

घर ख़रीदते समय ऐसा हो सकता है कि आप चाहे अपने शहर प्रॉपर्टी तलाश रहे हों, आप कई सालों से रह रहे हो और आपको आपको काफ़ी , परन्तु एक रियल एस्टेट एजेंट के पास प्रॉपर्टी बाज़ार से सम्बंधित विशेषज्ञता होती है जो बाज़ार को अच्छे से जाँच सकते हैं। यदि आप प्रॉपर्टी बेचना चाहते हैं तो आपको अच्छा दाम दिलवा सकते हैं, और यदि आप ख़रीदना चाहते हैं तो बाज़ार के अनुसार आपके लिए निगोशिएट करके कम दाम में अच्छी प्रॉपर्टी दिलवा सकते हैं।

रियल एस्टेट एजेंट्स को उनके कर्यषेत्र के अच्छा ज्ञान होता है, वह आपको यह पता लगाने में आपकी मदद करते हैं की आस-पास की सुविधाओं क्या हैं, आसपास कौनसे स्कूल-कॉलेज, हॉस्पिटल हैं, तथा उस एरिया का माहौल घर या पड़ोस आपकी इच्छाओं और जरूरतों से मेल खाता है या नहीं।

अकेले फ़ैसला लेने में आप कंफ्यूज हो सकते हैं

घर ख़रीदना मार्किट से किसी गाड़ी ख़रीदने जैसा आसन नहीं है जिसके बारे में आपको दर्जनों रिव्यु मिल जाएँगे या सरे फीचर्स या कमियां आपको इंटरनेट या उसके उपभोगकर्ता के माध्यम से मिल जाएंगी, इसके लिए आपको एक खास व्यक्ति की ज़रुरत होती है जो आपको उस एरिया को समझने में मदद करता है जहाँ आप घर लेना चाह रहे हैं तथा उस एरिया में होने वाले फ्यूचर डेवलपमेंट के बारे में आपको बता सके और ये कार्य सिर्फ एक प्रॉपर्टी एजेंट ही अच्छे से कर सकता है।

अच्छा प्रॉपर्टी एजेंट ज़िम्मेदारी से कम्पलीट सर्विसेज देता है

एक अच्छा प्रॉपर्टी एजेंट वास्तव में आपको घर ख़रीदने से सम्बंधित फैसले लेने में मदद करता है, आपके लिए प्रॉपर्टी खोजता है, मालिक से मीटिंग करवाता है और आपकी ओर से प्रॉपर्टी मालिक से मोलभाव करता है साथ ही प्रॉपर्टी सारे दस्तावेज़ देखने, जांचने और तैयार करने से लेकर रजिस्ट्री करवाने और प्रॉपर्टी आपके नाम पर ट्रान्सफर करवाने तक की ज़िम्मेदारी लेता और आपको प्रॉपर्टी सौदों में होने वाली धोखाधड़ी से भी बचाता है।


एग्रीकल्चर लैंड पर दिसंबर 2021 तक बसी कॉलोनियों का होगा नियमन, राजस्थान विधानसभा में बिल हुआ पास

राजस्थान सरकार ने एक बड़ा फैसला करते हुए शहरी क्षेत्रों में 31 दिसंबर 2021 तक एग्रीकल्चर लैंड पर बसी कॉलोनियों का नियमन करने की शुरुआत कर दी है। पहले जहां 17 जून 1999 के बाद एग्रीकल्चर लैंड पर बसी कॉलोनियों के नियमन का प्रावधान नहीं था। वहीं विधानसभा में बुधवार को बहस के बाद राजस्थान भू-राजस्व अधिनियम की धारा 90-ए की उपधारा 8 में संशोधन के लिए बिल पास हो गया है। राजस्थान भू-राजस्व संशोधन अधिनियम 1956 में इस बिल में नियमन की कट ऑफ डेट को बढ़ाया गया है। इससे शहरों में 17 जून 1999 के बाद कृषि भूमि पर मकान बनाकर रह रहे लोगों को राहत मिलेगी।

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90- ए की उप धारा 8 में 17 जून, 1999 से पहले शहरी क्षेत्रों में कृषि भूमि का गैर कृषि उपयोग के लिए लैंड यूज चेंज किए जाने का प्रावधान है। इसके बाद बसी कॉलोनियों के नियमन का प्रावधान नहीं था। अब 31 दिसंबर 2021 तक कृषि भूमि पर बने मकानों का नियमन का प्रावधान कर दिया है। गृह निर्माण सहकारी समितियों के 16 जून 1999 के बाद जारी पट्टों पर और जमीन आवंटन से जुड़े प्रकरणों पर इस बिल के प्रावधान लागू नहीं होंगे।

पट्टा देने के मकसद से लाया गया है यह बिल विधानसभा में भू-राजस्व संशोधित अधिनियम पर बहस का जवाब देते हुए UDH मंत्री शांति धारीवाल ने कहा कि 17 जून 1999 के बाद भी शहरों में कई निर्माण हो गए, ऐसे लोगों को पट्टे देने में अब कठिनाई हो रही थी। खातेदारी जमीन पर निर्माण का कोई कंवर्ट नहीं करवाता था, क्योंकि कई चार्ज से बचने के लिए ऐसा किया जाता था। एससी-एसटी के लोगों ने भी कॉलोनियां काट दी और अन्य वर्गों के लोगों को बेच दी। उन पर मकान दुकान बन गए।

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Udaipur Property

Udaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Indian state of Rajasthan, considered as the best for various purposes, whether living, tourism, or investment. Udaipur offers a lot to investors and homebuyers.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Udaipur

Top 10 reasons to invest in the real estate sector of Udaipur

Reasonable Prices

What makes Udaipur so peaceful and the most preferred city to live in southern Rajasthan, is the affordability of a property. When it comes to buying a property in Udaipur, its property prices per square foot are much lower than in comparison to other cities in Rajasthan such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Kota.

High Return on Investment

One of the major benefits of investing in Udaipur is the high return on investment, which makes it the best place for investors. Whether it is residential converted, agriculture, farm house, or commercial property, once you buy a property, surely you are gonna get a high return on your investment.

High Rental Yields

Hay, if you are looking to get a high rental income from your real estate investment, Udaipur is the right place for you. Investing in 2bhk apartments in areas like Navratan, Bhuwana is producing high rental income, up to 15000 to 20000 rupees per month.

Safety and Security

Udaipur is also known as one of the safest cities, and it is listed among 10 smart cities in the Rajasthan state, based on a recent smart city survey. Udaipur has a very low crime rate and a capable administration. It is one of the major reasons why wealthy people find it reliable to go to Udaipur and live their lives.

99 Year leasehold ownership

99 years of lease, it is also one of the major reasons why you sould invest in Udaipur. Indian and NRI investors can easily buy Udaipur properties including flats, houses, villas, farmhouses, bungalows and townhouses. They even can sell, lease, mortgage, rent or live in the property.

Booming Tourism Industry

Udaipur is considered one of the top honeymoon and tourist destinations in India, because of its beautifull lakes, mountains, mejistic forts, palaces and culture. Udaipur hosts some fo the largest malls in the Rajasthan, also famous for handicraft products. This makes Udaipur an perfect place for foreign direct investment, especially in the tourism, hotels and real estate sector, foreign direct investment, especially in the real estate sector.

Favorite Weddin Destination

From film start to ambani's, they have chosen Udaipur as a wedding destination, the city which has been acclaimed as “the best place in world” by “Travel and Leisure” Magazine. It's heritage hotels at sail of shimmering lakes makes it perfect wedding destination in Rajasthan. Investing in Udaipur real estate can be highly profitable for those who are looking hotel or resort investment in such kind of city.

Investment options

Udaipur offers plenty of investment options on its real estate market, where you can invest in vairous segments such as commercial properties in traditional markets or malls, hotels, service apartments, villas, farmhoueses, etc.

World Music Festival

The Udaipur world music festival is one of the biggest clutural event held every year in Udaipur. In this event, artists from around the world joins this event and perform. World Music Festival was supposed to be held between 11th February to 13th February 2022, but it was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but it is planned to be held in february 2023. It is claimed that Udaipur World Music Festival will be the the largest clutural music festival to be held in Udaipur. It is expected that it will etablish a strong image of Udaipur worldwide and attract thousands of investors in Udaipur.

Education and Medical Hub of Southern Rajasthan

Udaipur is also known as the medicity of southern Raasthan. Home to some of the famous medical colleges and hospitals, Udaipur attracts thousands of students from every part of the India specially Rajasthan. Business leaders view Udaipur as the goldmine where tremdous growth is set to happen.


In this blog, we have highlighted, why to invest in Udaipur with the major one as the World Music Festival, which is expected to attract thousands of global visitors. Real estate expers consider Udaipur would be on top of the places where profitable real estate investment could be done in India.

If you are also looking forward to invest in Udaipur, Udaipur Property Group is a premier company having a list of projects that can match anyone’s requirements and fit into any budget. All you need is to call us at +91 911911 9798 and our well-skilled experts will tailor an investment plan for you. Take the initiative now!

Top Areas with Lake View Villas/Flats for Sale in Udaipur

Living in front of the lake in Udaipur is a mesmerizing experience. One can enjoy breathtaking lake views from the balcony of your home. The beautiful lake view villas in Udaipur are worth checking if you look to buy a waterfront home in Udaipur.

Lake View Villas Flats for Sale in Udaipur

Top Areas to Buy Lake-View Villas in Udaipur

Rani Road

Located along with the sail of Fateh Sagar lake, Rani Road is one of the most sought-after residential areas that offers a luxurious lifestyle in Udaipur. Rani Road offers lavish farmhouses and villas for buyers to invest in or buy. Fateh Sagar Lake is often called the heart of the Udaipur city and one of the most popular destinations in Udaipur, also known as FS. 

Residential converted villas, apartments, and villas in Rani Road can enjoy stunning views of the beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake and Aravali Mountain Ranges. The lake view apartments in Udaipur are available in different layouts, you can buy 2 to 3 bedroom houses in this area.


One of the heritage in Udaipur, Chandpole is a part of the old city, that hosts plenty of heritage Havelis, villas, townhouses, and small houses overlooking the lake Pichola with outstanding views of the Taj Lake Palace aka Jag Niwas Palace. There are several villas in the area ranging from 1bhk to 5-7 bedroom Havelis, giving ample opportunities for investors and hoteliers.

Some of the Havelis in Chandpole come with many exclusive amenities. The villas offer picturesque views of Lake Pichola as well as easy access to supermarkets, schools and education institutions, and health care facilities.

Govardhan Villas

Govardhan Villas is one of the highly populated areas in Udaipur, which is also one of the popular areas to buy lake-facing villas in Udaipur. Govardhan Villas has located nearby a man-made lake named Govardhan Sagar Lake at the time of Royal Rajputana.

Govardhan Villas is a home to different types of residences, from multistory apartments to luxurious lake-facing villas with a swimming pool and modern amenities.

Moti Magri Scheme

One of the prominent residential societies in Udaipur is the Moti Magri Scheme, which offers a range of luxury facilities and services to ensure an integrated residential-recreational experience for the residents. Villas in this area of Udaipur come with a lot of advantages. From luxurious villas with huge balconies and large terraces, nearness to Fateh Sagar and Pichola lake, there are many things to attract buyers and investors.

The other popular areas to buy lake-facing villas in Udaipur includes Brahampole Road, Haridas ji ki Magri, Nela, etc.

If you are currently looking to buy a lake-facing villa in Udaipur, Call us at +91- 911911 9798. We’ll be happy to help you find your next home in the beautiful city of lakes Udaipur.

Popular localities to find villas for sale in Udaipur

There are plenty of villa communities in Udaipur for homebuyers. And Savina, Nela, Balicha are the hot favorite option that grabs investor attention, especially in this matter. Elegant villas and bungalows in these areas are popular among hone seekers looking for luxury within the budget segment. Affordability and high return on investment are also key factors.

Popular localities to find villas for sale in Udaipur

If modern architecture and luxurious design attract you, then these Villas could be the perfect option for you. Located slightly away from the hustle of the old congested city, the residential complex features beautifully designed two to three-bedroom duplex villas.

These areas attract families looking to buy homes close to good English medium schools, new grocery markets, national highways, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Balicha circle, south extension, Nela and Savina is also a popular residential area among business owners and working professionals due to the nearness to Geetanjali Hospital, Udaipur Ahmedabad Highway, New Grocery Market, and RICCO Industrial Area. You can also find famous tourist attractions like Goverdhan Sagar Lake, Dudh Talai Park, and Ropeway Udaipur nearby.

Coming up next are the most popular community to find villas for sale in Udaipur.

Shakun Homes

Shakun Homes is a collection of luxury design villas and townhouses spread across Savina area. Shakun Homes offer spacious properties ideal for families and investors. Shakun Homes offers two and three-bed villas and interested buyers can choose houses with private landscaped gardens, a backyard patio, and covered parking.

The average sales price for villas in Udaipur stands at INR 40 Lacs.



Offering the assurance of safety and comfort, this gated community can be a perfect option for families. One of the biggest benefits of living in The Villa community is its safe and peaceful environment. There are various government parks and facilities in the neighborhood to offer an active lifestyle to the residents.


This residential project is closely located from the rush of the old city, it is well-connected with the other neighborhoods. Located in the prime area of Udaipur.


The independent villas come with spacious bedrooms, a large balcony, and a wide terrace. They also offer private parking spots for cars.


A few villas also have elevators and extra space that can be used as desired. One of the definite advantages of living in The Villa is that there are different configurations of houses are available here.

Various supermarkets, such as Vishal mega mart, Reliance Retail, and Sahkari Upbhokta Bhandar, are located at 10 minutes of drive, adding to the convenience of the residents.


Whether you are a parent looking for nearby schools or an individual pursuing higher education, there are multiple educational institutions within proximity to this residential villa project including Oxford English School, Step By Step School, Geetanjali Medical College, and Indian Institute of Management.


There are several mini shopping centers and retail shops in the neighborhood. If you need to head to the retail shop, it will hardly take 5 minutes drive away. The availability of many retail shops is one of the major advantages of living in this area.


A leading medical college & hospital called Geetanjali Medicity lies within manva kheda. Residents can avail themselves of the doctor-on-call facility offered by other clinics located near to the residential project. There are also so many fitness centers nearby to take care of residents.


When it comes to nearby attractions, there is no shortage of options for residents of this luxury villa project in Udaipur. Nela Lake, Nela Garden, Goverdhan Sagar Lake, and Children's Park are the nearest landmark to the villa project.


One of the advantages of living in this villa project is the accessibility of the Udaipur Railway Station and Bus Stand. Railway station and bus stand both are just 15-minute drive away. One can easily get a taxi or local tempo services like Ola and Uber for their daily commute.

So this brings us to an end to the list of pros of living in the villa project. If you still have questions, contact us now and we can help you discover your dream in Udaipur.


Udaipur got the gift of UDA, new development body in Udaipur

Udaipur: Chief Minister Shree Ashok Gahlot's announcement of the formation of the Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) during the Budget speech has opened new opportunities to the residents of Udaipur city. After the formation of the Development Authority in Udaipur, there would be less dependence on the state government for revision of the master plan and approval of major schemes, The limit of approval of local level officers will increase and the budget of income and expenditure will also increase.

Udaipur Development Authority

What is the special advantage of UDA?

Udaipur will be in the queue of development authorities in the state after Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, and Kota. With the creation of the Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) nearby villages will be able to join the city boundary. The villages which are included in the authority will also have development works like the cities.

The city can be divided into zones, the development will be fast, UDA will have senior IAS officers as commissioners, 4 deputy commissioners. After the formation of the authority, the city can be divided into four zones, and apart from the secretary, all the zones will have zonal deputy commissioners, who will take charge of east, west, north, and south. At present, a single commissioner is responsible for all the work, an IAS officer as a commissioner above the zonal deputy, as well as high officials will be appointed in many posts.

It will also accelerate the pace of big projects, Posts of police and administrative officers will be created for the removal of encroachment and compliance of rules.

UDA will bring a boom in the real estate sector

The real estate sector is believed to be the biggest beneficiary from the Udaipur Development Authority, as soon as the authority comes into existence, many new areas will be developed and new real estate projects will open up, big projects will increase. Property prices will increase and investors are likely to make huge gains.


उदयपुर को मिला युडीए: उदयपुर विकास प्राधिकरण; 1000 करोड़ होगा सालाना बजट, चार ज़ोन में बांटा जाएगा, 1 करोड़ से ज्यादा के कामों की स्वीकृति भी यहीं

उदयपुर में पिछले 14 सालों से उठ रही (यूडीए) उदयपुर विकास प्राधिकरण की मांग को इस बार गहलोत सरकार ने पूरा कर दिया है। गौरतलब है कि इससे पहले उदयपुर शहर को नगर पालिका से नगर निगम बनाने की सौगात भी गहलोत सरकार की ही देन है। अब उदयपुर विकास प्राधिकरण के क्रियान्वित होते ही 1 करोड़ से ज़्यादा के प्रोजेक्ट की अनुमति भी यहीं से मिल पाएगी तथा जयपुर की ओर रुख करने की आवश्यकता नहीं होगी, स्थानीय स्तर अधिकारियों की स्वीकृति की लिमिट बढ़ जाएगी एवं आय-व्यय का बजट भी बढ़ जाएगा।

शहर का होगा तेज़ी से विकास, प्राधिकरण के अस्तित्व में आते ही आसपास के कई इलाके इसमे शामिल किए जाएंगे और शहर के विकास को नए पंख लगेंगे। विशेषज्ञों का मानना है कि उदयपुर विकास प्राधिकरण (Udaipur Development Authority - UDA ) के गठन से उदयपुर का नजरिया ही बदल जाएगा। ज़्यादा बजट वाले बड़े प्रोज़ेक्ट यूडीए के स्वयं करने से शहर के विकास में बहुत तेज़ी आएगी और भविष्य में ढेरों संभावनाएं उत्पन्न होंगी।

Udaipur Development Authority

क्या है ख़ास फ़ायदा

वर्तमान में मौजूद युआईटी का सालाना बजट 250-300 करोड़ रहता है, वहीं प्राधिकरण बनते ही ये बजट 800-1000 करोड़ पहुँचेगा, जो वर्तमान बजट से 300 प्रतिशत ज़्यादा होगा, इससे उदयपुर के विकास में एक नये युग की शुरुआत होगी। प्राधिकरण में शामिल होने वाले गांवों में भी शहर की तरह विकास कार्य होंगे। प्राधिकरण का खुद का पुलिस थाना होगा। पुलिस दल-बल के साथ अतिक्रमण हटाने की कार्रवाई करना आसान होगा।

शहर को बांटा जा सकेगा जोन में, विकास होगा तेज़, यूडीए में वरिष्ठ आईएएस अफसर होंगे आयुक्त, 4 उपायुक्त

प्राधिकरण बनने पर शहर को चार ज़ोन में बांटा जा सकगा तथा सचिव के अलावा सभी जोन में जोनल उपायुक्त होंगे, जो पूर्व, पश्चिम, उत्तर और दक्षिण का जिम्मा संभालेंगे। वर्तमान में एक ही आयुक्त को समस्त कार्य के ज़िम्मेदार होते हैं, जोनल उपुक्त के ऊपर एक आयुक्त के रूप में एक आईएएस अधिकारी के साथ ही कई पदों पर उच्च अदिकारियों को नियुक्त किया जाएगा, काम का दबाव कम होने से विकास में तेज़ी होगी तथा जोन बंटने से लोगों को हर कार्य के लिए यूआईटी के चक्कर नहीं काटने पड़ेंगे।

रियल एस्टेट सेक्टर में आएगा बूम - इन्वेस्टर्स को मिलेगा फ़ायदा

उदयपुर विकास प्राधिकरण से सबसे ज़्यादा फ़ायदा रियल एस्टेट सेक्टर को होना माना जा रहा है, प्राधिकरण के अस्तित्व में आते ही कई नए इलाक़ो का विकास होगा तथा नए रियल एस्टेट प्रोजेक्ट्स के लिए रास्ते खुलेंगे, बड़े प्रोजेक्ट्स में इज़ाफ़ा होगा। प्रोपेर्टी कीमतों में इज़ाफ़ा होगा तथा इन्वेस्टर्स को खासा फ़ायदा होने के आसार हैं।

सस्ती दरों पर उदयपुर में अच्छी कनवर्टेड प्रॉपर्टी ख़रीदने और प्रॉपर्टी निवेश के लिए आप हमें कॉल कर सकते हैं, फ़ोन +91- 9119119798.


900 SQFT UIT Converted Plots / Land for Sale in Debari, Udaipur

900 Sq. Ft. UIT Converted Plot/Land for Sale in Debari, Udaipur

Plot Area: 900 Square Feet

Plot Dimension: 20x45 (Length: 45 ft Width: 20 ft)
Price: INR 2200/sq.ft
Ownership Type: Freehold
Corner Plot: No
Number of open sides: 1
Construction started: No
Boundary wall present: No
Possession status: Immediate
Address: Sukha Naka 100 Feet Market Road, Near Sanwaliya Dham Apartment Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact Number: +91- 911 911 9798

900 SQFT UIT Converted Plots / Land for Sale in Debari  Udaipur


About this Property: 1200 Square feet commercial value east facing plot for sale near at Naka 100 Feet Market Road, Near Sanwaliya Dham Apartment Udaipur. This land has a dimension of 60.0 ft lengths 20.0 ft width. The average price is INR 2350/ Sq ft. The width of the facing road is 100 feet. The most popular landmarks near this plot are the Sanwaliya Dham Apartment, Udaipur Ahmedabad Six Lane Highway, and Debari Circle.

Nearby Amenities: Gym, Hospitals, Garden, UIT Park, Udai Sagar Lake, Supermarkets, ATM, Community Hall, Schools

About Area: Debari is a developing area and well connected to the railway station, bus stand, and airport, Udaipur Ahmedabad highway is at a short distance of merely 200 meters. Famous schools and multi-specialty hospitals are nearby.


Residential Plots / Land for Sale in Debari, Udaipur | 1200 SQFT

UIT Converted Plot/Land for Sale in Debari, Udaipur

Plot Area: 1200 Square Feet

Plot Dimension: 20x60 (Length: 60 ft Width: 20 ft)
Price: INR 2350/sq.ft
Ownership Type: Freehold
Corner Plot: No
Number of open sides: 1
Construction started: No
Boundary wall present: No
Possession status: Immediate
Address: Sukha Naka 100 Feet Market Road, Near Sanwaliya Dham Apartment Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact Number: +91- 911 911 9798

Residential Plots / Land for Sale in Debari


About this Property: 1200 Square feet commercial value east facing plot for sale near at Naka 100 Feet Market Road, Near Sanwaliya Dham Apartment Udaipur. This land has a dimension of 60.0 ft lengths 20.0 ft width. The average price is INR 2350/ Sq ft. The width of the facing road is 100 feet. The most popular landmarks near this plot are the Sanwaliya Dham Apartment, Udaipur Ahmedabad Six Lane Highway, and Debari Circle.

Nearby Amenities: Gym, Hospitals, Garden, UIT Park, Udai Sagar Lake, Supermarkets, ATM, Community Hall, Schools

About Area: Debari is a developing area and well connected to the railway station, bus stand, and airport, udaipur ahmedabad highway is at a short distance of merely 200 meters. Famous schools and multi-specialty hospitals are nearby.



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