Types of Commercial Property for Sale in Udaipur

Are you looking for Investments? Are you seeking a new office that can help your business run more efficiently? Whatever requirement you may have for commercial properties in Udaipur, we have the best options for you.

Udaipur is famous for its shimmering lakes, gardens, lush green Aravali mountain range, majestic forts, palaces, and profitable property investments, as well as being an educational and medical hub that attracts many business individuals from all over the world.

There are a few well-known malls and business centers to be found in Udaipur, including Urban Square Mall, Amrit Shree, City Center, Mangalam Fun Square, Celebration Mall, and Chetak Mall.

Commercial Property for Sale in Udaipur

Things to Consider When Investing in Udaipur Commercial Real Estate

First of all, When starting a business or investing, you want to make sure you put your money in a prime location that will help your business thrive, and as such you may be wondering what the top areas to set up a business or invest in. To help you in making a decision, we will review the best areas to buy commercial real estate and do business. It is also essential to determine your business location would be related to the kind of activity you will be participating in.

Secondly, the high return on investment (ROI) is another factor to consider, Commercial properties are high in demand but due to limited supply, prices are getting higher, it is allowing you to get the highest possible return on investment.

Types of Commercial Properties in Udaipur

  • Shops & Retail Outlets
  • Offices Co-Work Spaces
  • Factories
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Plots and Lands
  • Commercial Units

Shops - Retail Outlets

Shop or retail space at any of the shopping malls or commercial buildings is an all-time favorite investment in Udaipur. This type of commercial real estate is always in demand in any area.

At present, Udaipur real estate market offers you to buy retail spaces in malls such as Urban Square, Celebration Mall, Mangalam Fun Square, Lakecity Mall, Amrit Shree, City Center, and RK Mall. Their area can range from 100 to 500 square feet, and the sale price of units starts from INR 6000/Square feet.

Offices & Co-Work Spaces

Udaipur Offers a wide range of offices for purchase and rent. In both options, the price depends on the location, size, finishes, and whether they are furnished or unfurnished. In this case, Urban Square mall, Mangalam Fun Square, Amrit Shree, and Chetak Mall are some of the best options to buy an office in.

The selling price for an office space with a minimum area of 200 square feet starts at INR 5000 per Square foot.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking Spaces are gaining more and more popularity among start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as freelancers. Co-working spaces are just the latest trend in Udaipur, they are an ingenious way to save space and generate more value for your business. If you’re looking for co-working spaces, try Mangalam fun square or Amrit shree.

The cost of renting or buying offices majorly depends on the location, size, and connectivity of the property with other business hubs. Moreover, in Udaipur, not only large shopping malls are popular but also local markets.


Udaipur has a well-established industrial area in Rajasthan. Industries, such as mechanical engineering, cotton, color, furniture, cement is well developed here. Most of the factories and plants are situated in Madri & RICCO Industrial Area in Udaipur, Udaipur IT Park is also an integrated part of the Industrial development of Udaipur. These units are also available for sale or rent.

These factories are available for sale in different sizes largely depending on your manufacturing needs. However, they can be anywhere from 4,000 square feet to over 120,000 square feet.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are a great option for both buying and investing. These facilities are aimed at accommodating hotels, multifunctional centers, fitness clubs, spas, business centers, offices, shopping malls, and other establishments.

Plots and Lands

Buying plots/land is an excellent investment, which can generate a high annual income by renting only. This type of investment has become more popular nowadays. Businesses looking for an affordable space can be your potential customers. it is worth paying attention to how far central highways, ports, and airports are from the property.

The most popular areas for purchasing land are Udaipur Ahmedabad Highway, South Extention, Udaipur Nathdwara Road, RICCO Industrial Area, Madri IT Park, Transport Nagar Pratap Nagar, Trasport Nagar Balicha, Amberi, Sukher, and Madri Industrial area.

Commercial Units

Units are in demand among investors and are suitable for small businesses like food courts, fun zone, gyms, spas, and showrooms. They can be found in every business center or shopping mall and are available for purchase. To buy a full-floor commercial unit for a showroom is worth considering locations such as Urban Square Mall, Celebration mall, or any other mall that has heavy footfall.

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