Can I Buy a Property in Udaipur at Affordable Rates?

Buying property in Udaipur is easy with the help of right real estate agents by your side. We are working to provide best information on udaipur real estate.

If you are planning to buy a property in Udaipur at affordable rates, you must log on to Udaipur Property Group website/facebook page or facebook groups. We will be there to help you buying property  in udaipur.

Since Udaipur is ful of nature and scenic beauty, it is expensive place to have a property, but how far is it true?

You would certainly have a clearer image of the market if you explore various areas and look at the property prices in Udaipur.

Though some areas are highly expensive like polo ground, saheli nagar, moti magri scheme, you can still buy a property in Udaipur at affordable rates in the mid and low-ranged areas.

Here are a few areas with moderate land prices in Udaipuri. Select from among them buy a property at affordable rates.

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Sector 12

Not less than a mini town, the Sector 12 spreads over an area of 5 kilometers. It provides its residents with the complete experience of residential and retail experience. This area has everything you need in day to day life including nearness to market, mall, hospital, schools.

Several playgrounds and connectivity to the Airport via Bypass Road further add to the value for this neighborhood.

The average price for a 2 bedroom flat in Sector 12 Udaipur stands between 25 lakh to 35 lakh.

Pratapnagar Extention/Debari

This is one of the places where you can buy most affordable apartments in Udaipur at the lowest price. This area is hotspot of builders developing affordable housing projects. It is well connected with airport with less than 2-12 kilometers of distance.

The average price for an apartment at Pratapngar/Debari lies somewhere between 10 Lakh to 17 Lakh.

Dakshin Vistar Yojna/Balicha, Udaipur

Not as low as Debari, but yet Balicha is among the areas that offer the lowest Udaipur house prices. Balicha is within close proximity to Udaipur main market. The prices for apartments here range from 10 Lakh to 15 Lakh.

Rampura & Badi Village, Udaipur

If you are searching for Farm House for sale in Udaipur, then Badi & Rampura would definitly be a great option for you. These both areas are surrounded by lush grean valley. It offers a wide range of apartments, townhouses, and villas with luxurious amenities within your budget.

The average price for 2 to 3-bed apartments in Rampura & Badi Village Circle ranges between 12 to 20 Lakh.

The prices mentioned above are extracted from Udaipur Property Group online real estate survey. You may visit our website, facebook page and groups to explore the areas to buy a property in Udaipur at affordable rates.

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